Frequently Asked Questions
  • What makes the Binding Books Beautifully method unique?

    This method is not new. It is a modified form of how books were bound back in the early 1900's. The wooden binding tool enables you to sew your pages together into a cloth-covered, hard-bound book. There is no gluing, stapling, or using plastic combs to keep the pages together.

  • Once I have the kit, what else will I need in order to make a book?

    This is all spelled out in the manual, but, of course, you may not have a manual yet. Most everything you need for a book is probably already around your house (or at least easy enough to find).
    • an Exacto type knife, paper cutter, or razor blade
    • glue (Elmer's works well)
    • masking tape
    • 1/4 to 1/2 yard of fabric (non-stretch cotton or cotton/poly work best)
    • regular thread to match your fabric (At times we have used dental floss and embroidery thread.)
    • a hammer

  • What kind of paper can I use for the pages of my book?

    You can use any type and most any size of paper you desire. My children usually use the plain white computer printer paper. Construction paper, parchment, card stock, photo paper, and fine quality paper also work nicely.

  • What is used for the front and back covers of the books?

    Since corrugated cardboard is NOT a good product to use, we use what the professionals use-book board. Your first two pieces will come in your kit.

    The heavy duty book board from old, falling-apart books can also be used. Old books can be picked up at yard sales or found around the house. One can also purchase mat board or art board from a framing shop or a craft store.

    Also, there is a supply of book boards that can be purchased from my website. Click on the “Order Now” page.

  • How long does it take to make a book?

    Once you have your pages ready and in order, the actual binding process only takes about 45-55 minutes per book.

  • What is the cost of making a book?

    Once you have your BBB kit, the average cost of a book is under $2. Also, the cost of the BBB kit is recovered many times over when you begin to make your own gift books for Christmas, birthdays, and special occasion presents.

  • Do I need more than one kit if I have more than one child?

    No! One BBB kit is all you need to make hundreds of books from your own home. The wooden binding tool is sure to last for years!

    What are some other types of books you've made with the BBB tool?
    We've had so much fun making all different types of books. The following are some of those ideas:

    • Blank Books
    • Journals/Diaries
    • Bridal Guest Books
    • Personalized Baby Books
    • Creatively Designed Photo Albums
    • Art or School Portfolios
    • Family Cook Books
    • Poetry Books
    • Scrapbooks
    • Yearbooks
Binding Books Beautifully
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