As an English teacher turned homeschooling mom (since 1981), I was always looking for interesting, educational projects for my three children. I began encouraging them to turn their school writing assignments into books. By doing this, they would put forth an extra effort because they knew others would see and read their work.

At first I tried various pasting, taping, and stapling-pages-together methods, but the results were something only a mother could love. Then one day I discovered an old book at my grandfather's house and was able to scrutinize its "old fashion" method of hand-binding. With my family’s help, we developed a wooden binding tool that allows us to bind our own books at home.

Binding Books Beautifully

The BBB method eliminates frustration and encourages creativity. One kit can make 100's of books!

Homeschoolers, teachers, scrapbook keepers, crafters, & creative photo album makers will love this kit.


One Kit Will Allow You to Make 100's of Books!

The complete BBB Kit includes an instructional manual, the wooden binder tool and hardware, a BBB Video Workshop on DVD, and a full version BBB manual with creative writing lessons on a CD-ROM. This would be a great addition to any English grammar or composition studies.

The first part of the BBB manual is a creative writing curriculum for all ages. The second part has illustrated step-by-step instructions of the binding process.

The wooden tool is used to bind the book. Other than the actual writing, the binding method takes less than an hour to complete.

The BBB Video Workshop is a 55-minute taping of an actual workshop. Instructions, examples, and binding demonstrations are shown in an enjoyable format. Our own bloopers are included at the end of this video. You won't want to miss them!

The Creative Possibilities are Unlimited!
  • Creative Writing Projects
  • Personalized scrapbooks
  • Creative Portfolios
  • Family Cookbooks
  • Yearbooks
  • Photo albums
  • Baby books
  • Gift books
  • Blank books
  • Journals and much more!

Self Publishing

Your books can be made in different sizes and shapes.


(Actual scenes from the Video)

How to bind booksThe video workshop takes the viewer through the entire binding process. It demonstrates each step and answers many questions. The BBB Video Workshop makes book binding easy and fun! The simplicity of using the binder tool allows even young students to do the binding process themselves.

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